Stock images are an indispensable tool for anyone working with clients who can’t afford to hire a photographer for a bespoke shoot. The cost of photo shoots runs into thousands of dollars. Most of the customers are.

Last month we looked at the 10 best free stock image sites for 2021 and this month we’re focusing on the premium end of the market.

Don’t pay for stocks warranty that you get a higher quality product than the free alternative, but the higher quality product is rarely free.

Ultimately, the right picture is the right picture, regardless of the price. These are the best places to start your search in 2021.

1. Stocksy

Stocksy is a huge website with a slight margin to its pictures. The pictures on Stocksy have a certain cool atmosphere. If you’re looking for a picture that doesn’t look like a picture, this is a good place to start. Prices range from around $ 15 for a small web image to $ 1000 for just using the image.

2. EyeEm

EyeEm is a great source for editorial-style images. There are some excellent categories that are geared towards finding images rather than categorizing the collection. Prices start at $ 35 per image, with discounts available for image packages. EyeEm recently introduced the option to book a photo shoot – for clients willing to pay for custom images.

3. Getty Images

It’s impossible to make a list of stock image sites without including them Getty Images. In addition to having one of the largest collections of stock images, the stock giant also owns several subsidiaries. If you’re looking for a specific image, try Getty. Getty is a mid-range provider with small image prices starting at around $ 75.

4. Death in stock

Death in stock It’s about using the stock industry to fund photographers. These are photographs that photography professionals admire; There is no filler at all. Creative subscriptions start at $ 33 / month. More than 100 new images are added to the collection every month, which means it is still small. However, if you want something really authentic, then you should consider Death to Stock.

5. Cavan Images

CavanThe focus is on building a wide range of photographers who have produced an outstanding selection of different images. The curated collections, which are editorial rather than commercial, are powerful. Cavan also has a great support service in case you need help tracking down a specific image. Prices vary but start at $ 50.

6. Offset & Shutterstock

Shutterstock With over 300 million images, it is one of the best-known collections of stocks on the Internet. Offset is a subsidiary of the much larger Shutterstock; It’s a high-end version of Shutterstock with prices raised slightly to reflect the higher quality. Shutterstock prices start at $ 2.50 per frame and offset prices start at $ 300; That’s the price you pay to have someone pre-screen your options.

7. Westend61

Westend61 has a smaller collection but the images are all of a consistently high quality. Westend61 is especially useful for designing banner images as the images are very commercial, authentic looking people, and have a lot of eye contact. Prices per image start at approximately $ 25.

8. iStock

iStock was originally independent but was bought by Getty. iStock offers both credit and subscription options starting at around $ 2.50 / image. While you can’t find everything you can find on the larger Getty website, be sure to check that the image you want is here.


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